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About Chiho Muramoto

 Chiho Muramoto was born in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan in Augst 29th 1979. She studied classical piano and singing in Nagoya university of Arts. Combining her interest in pop music with classical training, she established her own style which is singing while accompanying herself with piano. Soon after the graduation in 2002, she began her career as a singer and pianist. She played music from covers of pop music, such as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to classical pieces like Chopin. Her wide range of music and great performance attracts a lot of audiences and she became well-known locally.

 In 2010, she moved to Tokyo to pursue her career and started playing at restaurants and bars. She constantly performed at gigs and in Octover 2011, she held a solo concert and it was very successful.

 Lately she is working on her original songs.

For me, Music is... (a great medium of communication.)

 Since I was very little, I've never been good at speaking what's on my mind and it's a difficult issue for me to let it out. No matter how hard I tried, I failed.
 So, I always felt that words are not enough to convey my feelings. But I found an outlet through music. I could express myself better and naturally with music. So, I believe that music can tell more than words and I can reach your heart through my music.